By Valerie Mwangi

5 things to include in your gift basket

Gift baskets are a lovely and thoughtful gift for every occasion. They are cost effective and can easily be customized to suit the recipient. Use your creativity with the design and materials as this makes it a gift worth remembering. Depending on the occasion, you can choose a certain theme for the items in the […]

By alphyjuma

Grow your own herb garden

Yes, Casa Flora is a flower shop, so why are we giving you advice on herbs? Ideally, this blog space is to share tips and tricks for all things that grow from the soil. I thought herbs should be first because a lot of Kenyans shy away from using these ingredients and the dried options […]

By alphyjuma

Meaning behind flowers

Each flower has a unique name, colour scheme, scent and growth pattern—but did you know that each has a meaning as well? Knowing the significance behind some of your favourite flowers can help you select a bouquet or arrangement to best suit the occasion and convey the message you are intending to send. Here is […]