Selecta Flora Ltd

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• With a passion for Kenyan Coffee, Selecta Flora Ltd is proud to be a leader in the coffee industry.
• The company is fully Kenyan owned. .We have highly qualified coffee export staff with abundant
experience on all aspects of Kenya Coffee. with special emphasis on quality with exceptional
• Through our marking arm -CASA FLORA – we are able to reach our clients and understand their needs .
Coffee Beans
The grades of wet processed coffee, in descending order in terms of quality are:
1. AA- large bean with good size formation, that fetches a price higher than the price of any other coffee grade
2. AB- a combination of grades A and B, regarded as a representative of other grades in a consignment
3. PB- (pea berry) round beans which grow as one bean in a cherry
4. C- beans smaller than grade B beans
5. T- the smallest and thinnest beans most of which are in form of chips, broken and faulty
6. TT- any light beans which are ragged and are blown away from all other grades
7. E (elephant beans) the largest of all the beans that has two beans joined together to form the seed in a single cherry
8. SB (sorted beans)
9. UG (ungraded)
10. HE (hulled ears)



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